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AirZip FileSECURE enables reduced risks of intellectual property losses, high administrative costs, fines, and lawsuits associated with complying with information management policies, laws, and regulations and also enables increased revenue due to creation of new forms of business.

Stop Information Leaks Before They Stop You

Today's perimeter security, document management and messaging solutions offer only limited security. Once confidential documents are sent outside of the management system, they are vulnerable to viewing, printing or distributing to anyone. Simply trusting that authorized users will not make mistakes in use is already proven to guarantee losses. Assuming that computer viruses won’t send your files out of your system is not a good bet. With AirZip FileSECURE, the high risk of loss is replaced with confidence by implementing the following functions and benefits:

Strong Encryption without key management

  • Securing a file by clicking Secure and selecting permissions. Files may then be stored and transmitted in any manner using the standard emailing and storage tools.

  • Strong AES 256 bit encryption. (SSF08 using USB encryption devices for user's in the the People's Republic of China).

  • Requires only the email address of an intended user to provide file access

Secure any type of file

  • Protects any file.

  • Provides protection and viewing of any file that can be printed.

  • Extract the original file, if permitted, from protected file.

Persistent Access Security

  • Ensures that information is protected wherever it is stored or transmitted, not just when in transit

  • Ensures that only the intended recipient views a file, and only at the times specified, and only from designated workstations no matter where the recipient is located - both on- or off-line.

  • Enables files owners to dynamically change user permissions even after the file has been distributed

  • Enforces file retention policies to insure that old information is not accessible.

  • Blocks electronic screen image capture.

  • Provides digital watermarking/fingerprinting to deter external capture.

Efficient Distribution and Version Control

  • Distributes files with the assurance that only the intended recipients have viewing ability, eliminating risks in internal and external communications.

  • Protected files can be shared using any method, including email, CD-ROM, FTP download, messaging, etc.

  • When a new version is available for distribution, the viewing permission of the old version of the file is revoked.

  • Keeps track of who has viewed or not viewed a file, to meet regulatory or legal compliance.

  • Works with the users default email software to easily send protected attachments.

  • Accelerating by compressing the content before transmission.

Intuitive User Interfaces

  • Secure documents directly from within Windows Explorer, Microsoft Office, OpenOffice, Corel WordPerfect and many other applications.

  • Use AirZip FileSECURE Author's easy and intuitive to use interface to secure folders or entire disk drives.

Simple Administration

  • Easy add, edit and disable of individual users.

  • Add new reader in seconds without involvement of an administrator.

  • Reader software is relatively small; thus, easy and fast download.

  • Only authorized users may be sent secure files.

Easily understood Permission Controls

  • View – Allows viewing.

  • Print – Allows printing.

  • Copy/Save – Allows copy or save unencrypted copies

  • Control – Allows user to change permissions.

  • Start Time - Allows users to send a file before the file is available for use.

  • Expire Time - Allows revocation of permissions at a time or after an interval.

Comprehensive Audit Trail

  • Creates an audit trail tracking all actions including file access, viewing, denial of access, and all administrative events.

  • Provides proof of compliance with your organization’s information security policies.

Integration with corporate directory and authentication infrastructure

  • Synchronize user accounts and group definitions with all major LDAP respositories, including Microsoft Active Directory, Novell eDirectory, Sun One, IBM Domino, IBM Directory Service, Tivoli.

  • Support integration with multiple directory services using AirZip Virtual Directory Service.

  • Isolates and reduces administration efforts.

Ease of use and deployment

  • One file to many with unique permissions for each person.

  • Comply with laws, regulations, and corporate policies.

  • Server deployment on Linux, Sun Solaris, IBM AIX, HP-UX, Apple Mac OS X, Windows;

  • Clients supported on Windows XP, 2003, Vista, 2008, Windows 7, Windows 8.x, Windows 2012.

  • Databases supported include IBM DB2, Oracle, PostgreSQL, or SQL Server.

Choose AirZip FileSECURE to secure and accelerate your business.