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AirZip's proven file security solution, FileSECURE™, provides fast and convenient file encryption plus enterprise digital rights management. AirZip FileSECURE enables organizations to track and control who uses sensitive information as well as how and when they use it. Going beyond simple encryption products, AirZip FileSECURE enables you to turn off access even after you send a file and even protects the information while it is being viewed. It provides global access rights control at the individual file level, controlling and tracking access to documents both inside and outside of corporate networks, without changes to the way that people do their work. FileSECURE not only secures your files but also compresses files to increase efficiency.

Files remain protected every time they are used


Easy to Secure Files

AirZip FileSECURE enables you to

  • Automatically encrypt any file

  • Determine who may view a file, who may print or copy it, and who may change access rights

  • Specify permissions based on preconfigured security policies

  • Specify access right for specific individuals, knowing only their email address

  • Avoid the complex manual key management so common with other encryption products

  • Control access to files anywhere files are sent or stored

  • Track all file access to create a complete audit trail of security compliance

FileSECURE provides several easy methods for securing files.

  • Simply click on a file in a directory folder and secure with a couple easy clicks.

  • Or even easier, a file can be secured by simply storing it into an AirZip secured file folder. Folders on a shared file server can be secured with the AutoSECURE feature permitting anyone who has access to that folder to simply store a file and have it secured. No special methods or software is needed by the originator.

  • FileSECURE can be coupled with your organization's document scanners and copiers and the ScanSECURE feature to automatically Scan-Secure-Send™ documents directly from the scanner.

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