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AirZip is a wholly owned subsidiary of Willow Technology, a long established middleware messaging software company.

AirZip has a strong and rapidly growing market position with our FileSECURE enterprise rights management and document security software. Our focus since 2005 has been developing the China market where AirZip is now the leader in rights management and document security software. Why China?  Two reasons.

First, China is the hub of worldwide manufacturing, and enormous quantities of confidential and proprietary information (designs, engineering drawings, chemical formula, assembly instructions, costing, etc.) are being sent to, or developed in a place where intellectual property theft is rampant.

Second, it keeps us on our toes! The technical challenge to delivering this type of product in China is much higher than in the North American or European environments where there are also legal frameworks and remedies to help discourage IP theft.  Most of AirZip's competitors simply could not compete in China - even if they did have native language support because they are not secure enough. The tough requirements of this market continue to drive substantial enhancements in FileSECURE functionality at regular intervals - whereas competitors have barely moved in the past 3-4 years.

AirZip has been quietly growing in the North American market as well. We are now extremely well equipped to focus more aggressively in our home territory.



AirZip employees are an extremely competent multinational group dedicated to delivering great cutting edge products that are robust and simple to use.

We offer an excellent working environment with competitive salary and benefits.  We have few meetings, small teams, a very flat organization, no cubicles and the latest development tools.  If you crave the Dilbert culture, playing office politics or need to be part of a big team to disguise your marginal competence, then please don't apply.

As an accommodation to several employees with allergies, we do not permit tobacco use or the wearing of perfumes, colognes or fragrances.

All positions require either citizenship or permanent residence status and appropriate work permits for each respective work location.

Please email your resume in confidence (ASCII text, Microsoft Word or RTF formats only) to


For headhunters:
We screen and evaluate our own candidates and therefore do NOT review resumes from recruiters, agencies or brokers.

For outsourcers:
AirZip operates its own R&D facilities.  We do not outsource to third parties, nor do we respond to outsourcing enquiries.

For non-residents:
We will not sponsor H-1B visas.


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Technical positions

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