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November 15, 2004




With AirZip, a CBA Endorsed Partner, avoid the cost, embarrassment, and damage to your reputation from loss of sensitive information.


CUPERTINO, CA—November 15, 2004—AirZip®, Inc., a leading provider of user-friendly file encryption software, today announced funding for its expanded marketing team and product capabilities to best serve financial and insurance institutions. Nordam, Inc., Sofinnova Ventures Inc., and the Band of Angels Fund, have recently funded AirZip to significantly increase capabilities to serve financial and insurance institutions.


AirZip is the Endorsed Partner of the California Bankers Association, selected as best able to meet member bank needs for persistent file content security. “Persistent security is a necessity for banks to efficiently prevent information loss and cost effectively comply with privacy laws and regulations,” said Ellen Kaufman, Senior VP of CBA. “We have selected AirZip FileSECURE because it can help our members rapidly improve compliance without major IT system changes.” Persistent security is a key component in compliance efforts with numerous privacy and financial regulations such as HIPAA, the Gramm Leach Bliley Act, Sarbanes Oxley, and California SB 1386.

Banks have experienced very high costs and PR damage due to losses of customer data resulting from stolen computers and other memory devices. FileSECURE’s easy to use file encryption solves the nightmare of losing your company’s most important assets; your confidential information. Organizations need an easy and cost-effective way to enforce information security policies, ensuring that only people with the right to access certain information gain access. Strong enforcement reduces costs by ensuring compliance with privacy and other regulations, providing tracking data in response to an audit, and preventing leaks of intellectual property or sensitive information.


“FileSECURE controls and tracks access to documents both inside and outside of corporate networks,” said Lee Bauman, president of AirZip. “FileSECURE, connected to office copiers and scanners, ensures automatic security, sending, and tracking of scanned document image files. Banks can speed delivery, reduce costs, increase security, and improve tracking of use by using FileSECURE instead of overnight couriers or FAX.”


FileSECURE is the easiest-to-use enterprise file encryption and access control and tracking solution for banks because of capabilities such as:

  • protection of all file formats,

  • tracking of all file access and user activities to generate a complete history of events,

  • easy user and group management,

  • automatic securing of scanned document image files directly from modern office copiers,

  • automatically and transparently securing of files when they are stored in a folder.

About AirZip, Inc.

AirZip FileSECURE is the first user-friendly file encryption and rights management solution to secure any electronic file, including scanned documents, regardless of file format. FileSECURE tracks and controls who uses sensitive information; how and when. FileSECURE’s patented technology avoids the cost, embarrassment, legal compliance failure, and damage to your reputation from loss of sensitive information.

Communicate confidently knowing that you can efficiently store and email sensitive information anywhere and that only authorized recipients will view the information even if stolen. Reduce costs by replacing couriers with fast, secure, and tracked scanned document sending. AirZip’s technology is deployed in leading financial, insurance, manufacturing, design and government organizations around the globe. Based in Cupertino, California with offices in Washington D.C., Beijing, China, and Hong Kong, AirZip, Inc. is privately funded. For more information, visit