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December 7, 2008

Summary of features introduced in FileSECURE 4.4:

  • Support for both LDAP-integrated and non-LDAP integrated users. This permits you to easily extend your use of FileSECURE to both internal employees as well as external suppliers, customers and other third parties who are not defined in the company directory service.  The non-LDAP users are managed and stored locally within FileSECURE. Policies and permissions can be applied to any combination of both types of users.  This feature has also been retrofitted into FileSECURE 4.3.

  • FileSECURE Clients are now supported in Citrix Metaframe Server 3.x, Presentation Server 4.x and XenApp 5.x application virtualization environments.

  • FileSECURE Authentication & Policy Server is supported in Xen, Citrix XenServer 5 and VMWare virtualized environments.

  • Support for Auto Account Creation for bulk import of Citrix users into FileSECURE.

  • Support for Citrix Single Sign-On (SSO), permitting users who are logged into Citrix to use those credentials to access their FileSECURE secured content.

  • Several enhancements to secured PDF documents have been made, including supporting internal and external hyperlinks and link annotations.

  • Support for cross-document hyperlinks in secured Microsoft Word documents.

  • Now able to directly secure password protected Word and Excel documents.

  • Added PostgreSQL database support.