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September 6, 2006

AirZip today announced it is shipping the latest release of its flagship product, AirZip FileSECURE 4.2.

FileSECURE 4.2 offer two important and powerful new features in addition to sporting a new "Vista" look and feel:

  • Integration of native Adobe® PDF Library™ and Normalizer technology into FileSECURE.


    The incorporation of Adobe's PDF technology into FileSECURE is a significant enhancement to the product.

    It permits FileSECURE to offer perfect PDF fidelity when viewing PDF documents that have been secured by FileSECURE. It also provides a way to deliver controlled access to secured content from any application that has a print capability to a wide range of devices and operating systems. This permits FileSECURE to support literally thousands of applications - a first in a rights management industry that primarily focuses on Microsoft Office and PDF documents.

    PDF technology has replaced several other technologies previously used inside FileSECURE's AZF secured format.

  • A completely new and powerful offline mode:

    FileSECURE's new offline mode provides a flexible, secure and tamper proof method of operation for those who need to access secure content while on the road without access to the Authentication & Policy Server.

    Users are able to select files and documents that will be needed when offline and then download the keys and rights for these into a secure cache. A policy can be set to limit how long the user can work offline.  All existing file or document access rights and dates and times are preserved in the cache.  Once the cache has expired, the user needs to connect with the server once again.  The system remembers which files and documents were previously cached, so it is a quick and easy matter to refresh the cache with a new expiration date and enforce any rights or policy changes that were enacted since the previous connection.

    Any attempt by someone to tamper with the cache in any one of a number of ways, or to set the system clock backwards in an attempt to extend access will immediately destroy the encryption keys for all protected content. This forces the user to go back online to authenticate him or her self and re-cache the keys.

    All offline activity is also stored securely and uploaded to the server audit logs each time a user goes online.

  • The ability for a recipient of secured content to easily request additional rights:

    Anyone who receives a secured file or document can easily communicate with the content owner (Author) of that file or document by simply viewing the FileSECURE properties and clicking on the Owner Email link.  This will open an email window in your default mail program with the To and Subject fields automatically completed. This can be used to request additional rights or otherwise communicate with the owner.

    In the case where ownership of the content changes, for example due to staff reassignment, this link will be dynamically updated to always point to the current owner.

The new version is available immediately.